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GT's Kombucha

Presented by
Bianca Diclaro | Will Luck

Kombucha can be a scary drink to those unfamiliar, but the health benefits are nothing to shy away from. We made GT's Kombucha products easier to digest for those unfamiliar to the fermented tea lifestyle by giving those little bacteria a little personality.



With AR technology on each bottle's lid, customers can visit their very own Scoby. They wiggle like jelly. Kind of look like it too.


Out of Home

Scoby are very friendly and love making people feel healthy. GT's Kombucha can offer more social opportunities for the public to interact with Scoby through one's neighborhood at the community garden, in personal settings, such as the dressing room, or at tea tastings: a meet-and-greet either through AR Scoby or people in costumes.


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