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Hardywood West Creek

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Ginny Adamson | Bianca Diclaro |

Mark Gozzo | Rachel Street

A-Commerce  (automated commerce) is rapidly spreading through every developed market in the world. We decided to take advantage of this growing trend and introduce a-commerce to a market with a real issue: long lines. No one likes waiting in line, and Hardywood consistently has issues with excessive wait times during peak hours. Introducing Henry, Hardywood's very own virtual bartending assistant.

Kiosk and Chat Bot

The main cause of Hardywood's long wait times are questions. Since the menu is constantly changing and Hardywood has many flavor profiles not found elsewhere, many customers have questions about their craft. Henry will allow customers to explore the menu in their own time and make educated choices based on the information he provides; all without holding up the line of other eager customers. In addition to the kiosk is the Facebook Messenger bot, so customers can enjoy the company of friends at their table all while ordering the second round.

Kiosk Interface

In our demo, we follow the journey of Rebecca, who has come to Hardywood for their famous #FreshCanFriday. She heard about the new Sippin' On Pine, Not Juice craft beer, but wanted to learn more.

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